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What To Look For When Buying Nucleus Hives

When someone begins beekeeping, one of their first questions is what they should expect. What should the materials look like? How much will it cost? Beekeepers need to know what to look for when buying nucleus hives. In this article, we will explore that subject so that beekeepers can be better informed from the beginning.


In your nuc, you should see the capped worker brood encompassing at least two frames. This is an indication that the nuc has lots of baby bees ready to emerge. Drone broods should also be in a limited supply.


The nuc must have at least one frame of honey. Two frames of honey should be in a five-frame nuc. The colony must have this since it ensures they’ll have food to help them survive and build their strength.

Bee Bread

Another feature in this list of what to look for when buying nucleus hives is bee bread or pollen. Your nuc should have a good supply of bee bread because it’s a vital food source for bee larvae. Colonies need bee bread so all the bees can have food

Strong Young Queen

The queen is the key member of the hive. She is the hive’s “nucleus.” Every nuc should contain a proven-laying, young queen. Her health and genetics will make an impact on the beehive’s overall success. You must have a good queen from the very first day.

Worker Bees

The queen must have the support of a population of strong worker bees. The more worker bees you have, the better. Bees will help the queen raise more bees so that the hive can continue. They also forage for food and keep the brood warm. You know you have a good nuc if it’s brimming with bees.

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