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Natural Raw Honey

Find natural raw honey for sale from The B Farm and Crystal’s Honey. The B Farm keeps 20,000 colonies of ethically raised honey bees to produce sweet, golden, organic raw honey for our customers. Read on to explore the benefits of farm fresh honey, or shop now at Crystal’s Honey or in bulk at The B Farm to enjoy our natural raw honey for yourself.


Our mission is to offer people an alternative to the industrial style packaging and treatment of honey, which applies heat and filtration to gain efficiency in packaging over the loss of pollen and enzyme content. Crystal’s Honey costs more to package because we do not heat our honey to speed up the process. Our goal is to provide people with flower honey true to the floral sources considered local to the market areas served without blending to achieve a price point. At Crystal’s, we urge you to buy local, farm fresh honey from beekeepers wherever you find it.

All About Honey

Honey is the natural sweet substance produced by honey bees from the nectar of plants which bees collect and transform by substance of their own, deposit, dehydrate and store in the honeycomb. The B Farm raises bees that produce natural raw honey, which we sell through Crystal’s Honey.

Floral honey is the result of the co-evolution of honeybees and flowering plants. Over the course of the millennia, trees and flowering plants have modified their leaves to become the petals of flowers and developed nectarines in an effort to attract honeybees to physically accomplish the pollen transfer necessary for their reproduction. For many species of plants, pollen attractiveness alone is sufficient cause to lure the honeybee visit. But even in these cases, leaf modification in color, number and orientation evolved in response to the honeybees vision and sense of smell.

Plants that offer nectar as well as pollen have an evolutionary advantage in the competition among flowers to achieve pollination from a relatively limited number of insects. Some examples include economically important crop plants like almonds, apples, blueberries and cranberries.

Nectar then contains sugar which becomes the attractant for the honeybee. The excessive water content of the nectar leaves it unstable in nature. Natural raw honey results when honeybees reduce the moisture of nectar to approximately 18%, which is a point at which honey can last indefinitely.

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