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As commercial beekeepers we maintain 35-40,000 colonies for honey production, crop pollination, and nucleus building. Over the past 20 years we have built our own queen program,  raising 50 to 60,000 queens each year to support  and replace our stock. During this time we have developed a close relationship with the USDA-ARS lab in Baton Rouge, and were initial contributors to the POL. LINE QUEEN PROJECT.

As a result of ongoing efforts to develop varroa resistance in our stock we are producing bees which require less treatment than others. For 2021 we plan to make the queens we use every day available to commercial and hobby beekeepers alike.



A limited amount of these queens will be available. Queens can be picked up  or shipped from Jennings Louisiana with pick up only from Billerica Mass, Williston, VT or Otto NY.

We have wintered these bees experimentally in Western NY with good results (near100%) last year. They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

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