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The Difference Between a Bee Package and a Bee Nuc

As a beekeeper, one of your first decisions is whether to invest in a bee package or a bee nuc. However, unless you know the difference between a bee package and a bee nuc, you won’t be in any position to make that call. Read this article so that you know what to do when you’re ready to invest in this hobby.

What Is a Bee Package?

Typically used to move bees to a new hive, bee packages are sold as wooden frame boxes with screens on two sides. They are sold by the pound, and it takes approximately 3,500 to make a pound. A three-pound package, therefore, contains about 10,000 bees.

Inside a bee package is a full can of syrup mixture. The bees feed from this during transport. Each package also contains its own small wooden box covered on one side by a screen. This tiny box holds the queen and a few worker bees to tend her.

What Is a Bee Nuc?

A bee nuc is a small colony made up of bees taken from a larger colony. It’s normally sold in a box with five frames standing side by side. A couple of those frames usually already have honey stores.

The Differences

For people who want to know the difference between a bee package and a bee nuc, the first bit to understand is how the bees are related to each other. In a bee package, bees from different hives are brought together. In a bee nuc, all the bees come from the same colony. Bee packages also tend to be less expensive than nucs. However, with a package, you’ll need to build the colony by transitioning the bees into your existing hives. This requires a greater education in beekeeping. For that reason, using nucs is typically less stressful than using packages.

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