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Why Honeybees Are Great at Grooming Themselves

You might think all insects are dirty, but honeybees have thorough processes to clean and groom themselves. Most people already know that bees encounter flowers, but you might not realize they also come in contact with dirt, parasites, fungi, and other substances in nature. That said, they need a way to clean themselves to avoid dragging all of this unnecessary and harmful stuff into their hive. Follow along to learn why honeybees are great at grooming themselves.

How Bees Clean Themselves

Bees clean themselves by using their legs to remove dirt and debris from the rest of their body. In fact, their legs help them remove messes from their heads, faces, abdomens, wings, and thorax. Additionally, keeping their antennae clean is especially important for them to carry out their normal tasks. Bees use their antennas to communicate, taste, and pick up sounds. Luckily, they have special antennae cleaners on their legs to make this process easier.

Do They Clean Other Bees?

Now that you know bees clean themselves, you might be asking whether or not they clean other bees. You may be surprised to know they do. In some cases, bees are unable to clean themselves completely or get rid of a parasite on them, which means they need some help. As a result, another bee may come to help. Some bees have elevated immunity to diseases and parasites because their role in the hive is allogrooming, which is cleaning other bees using their mouth.

It’s a Natural Defense

Grooming is a natural defense for bee colonies. Pests and diseases come from outside the hive, and they often come in with the bees. Grooming themselves and each other is an excellent way to boost the colony’s overall health and prevent diseases from spreading. Grooming is the best natural defense for bees.

Now that you know why honeybees are great at grooming themselves, you might be looking for mated queen bees for sale to further boost your colony. Bees are incredible insects, and grooming themselves and each other is a natural method for supporting their hive.

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