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What Protective Clothing Do Beekeepers Wear?

Beekeeping comes with many choices and preferences. As a new beekeeper, you must make your own decisions regarding the type of gear you use and the protective clothing you wear. For instance, some beekeepers opt for a full protective suit, while others wear only gloves and a veil. It can be overwhelming to choose all of the best beekeeping gear as a beginner, but having a good understanding of the protective clothing beekeepers wear can help you choose wisely.

Beekeeping Suit

A beekeeping suit consists of long sleeves and long pants in the form of a jumpsuit, meaning it’s a single garment. Because it provides full-body coverage, this garment may be a good choice for less experienced beekeepers. With that said, you should ensure there aren’t any gaps in the suit, as bees may enter. Unfortunately, they’re more likely to sting you if they get trapped in your suit.

Hat and Veil

The hat and veil are easily the most important parts of beekeeping protective gear because your head and neck are sensitive. This piece consists of a hat with a wide brim and mesh netting that veils your face and neck, stopping at your shoulders. Even if you decide not to wear a full beekeeping suit, you should wear a hat and veil anytime you conduct a hive inspection, harvest honey, or encounter your bees for any other reason.

Bee Jacket

A bee jacket is similar to a full beekeeping suit but doesn’t include pants. The bee jacket is a long-sleeved garment made of sting-proof material. Because it doesn’t have pants, many beekeepers wear thick jeans. Wearing a bee jacket or a full beekeeping suit is up to you, but the full suit will provide the optimal level of protection for a new beekeeper.

Beekeeping Gloves

Beekeeping gloves have more to them than other gloves. Interestingly, these gloves consist of thick cotton or leather, extending to your elbows to protect your hands and arms from stings. Typically, beekeepers put the gloves on first and layer the full suit or bee jacket on top for extra protection.

Although bees aren’t generally aggressive, protecting yourself from stings is important. Now that you know what protective clothing beekeepers wear, you may be looking for bee nucs for sale online to start your beekeeping journey. Beekeeping can be dangerous if you’re not careful, but it’s an extremely rewarding and fulfilling experience.

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