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What Equipment Do You Need To Start Beekeeping?

Whether you know a ton about bees or you’re simply curious about the little insects you see flying from flower to flower in the summer, you can become a beekeeper. Although this hobby may require many preparations and learning before you can start, it can be a rewarding experience for you and your family. You’re helping the environment and the local bee population, which is a win for everyone! Follow along to learn what equipment you need to start beekeeping.

Beekeeping Suit or Jacket With a Veil

Your beekeeping suit is easily one of the most important things to get, as this will protect you from potential stings. While you may think you’ll be safe in thick jeans and a heavy long-sleeve shirt, they can sting through these materials or enter your clothing at your wrists, ankles, and neck.

Be sure to get a full beekeeping suit as a beginner, as this is the safest option. At the very least, you need a beekeeping jacket with a protective veil.

A Bee Brush

A bee brush is an extremely useful tool to have as a beekeeper. As you can probably guess, you should avoid touching the bees to prevent injuries to them and yourself. However, you may have to move them occasionally; therefore, you need a tool that’s gentle enough to move them without hurting them. A bee brush is the best solution for removing them from different spaces in the hive, swarm removal, and any other time you may need to touch them.


Bees hate this brush, and they will try to sting it—use this sparingly, but know that it comes in handy when you need it.

Hive Tool

A hive tool is a metal device that gives beekeepers more leverage when opening the hive or prying frames apart. Believe it or not, bees use propolis inside the hive, which can act as glue. Without this tool, it can be extremely difficult to open the hive without damage. With the right hive tool, you’ll have no problems caring for your colony.

Bees and a Nuc

Beekeeping is all about the bees; therefore, you can’t start without your colony. Although you can try to catch a swarm, purchasing your own starter colony is much easier. Fortunately, most bees come in a nuc, which will be their home for a while. When you’re ready to start your beekeeping journey, you should consider 5 frame nucs for sale to start your colony off on the right foot.

Now that you know what equipment you need to start beekeeping, you’re ready to take the first steps in your journey. Beekeeping is a big deal, and you should avoid beginning this hobby on a whim—bees need a safe space to grow and thrive.

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