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Reasons Honeybees Are Important To Humans

When most people think of bees, they likely picture alien insects with fuzzy feet and scary stingers. However, bees—and honeybees, in particular—are incredibly beneficial creatures to the planet. Not to mention they seldom sting! If you see one buzzing about, you can assume it’s working hard to make a difference. While there are many reasons honeybees are important to humans, we touch on the three biggest ones below.

Reason #1: They’re the Planet’s Finest Pollinators

First, we must thank honeybees for their crop pollination efforts. In fact, they have a large impact on our global food supply. Because honeybees make up most of the bee population, they pollinate most of the fresh fruits and vegetables we eat. On the same note, honeybees ensure we have nuts—such as almonds—and beans and seeds.

Additionally, honeybees indirectly contribute to feeding other animals in the food chain. For example, cattle eat pollinated alfalfa and clover, and the well-fed livestock keeps our dairy and meat industries running.

Reason #2: They Encourage Our Plants To Grow

In addition to pollinating crops, honeybees deliver pollen to flowering plants, giving them the opportunity to reproduce. By keeping these plants alive, honeybees allow our world:

  • Flourishing habitats for birds and mammals, as well as other insect species
  • Trees that provide oxygen to humans
  • Greenery and woods that promote healthy soil and keep waterways clean
  • Access to materials for manufacturing purposes, such as clothing fibers and oils

Reason #3: They Make Honey and Other Products

Finally, while there are numerous reasons honeybees are important to humans, we appreciate them for their honey. These bees can effortlessly turn nectar into the sweet substance we all know and love. Plus, honeybees can produce so much more; we can utilize beeswax, propolis, royal jelly, and venom for food and beverages, cosmetics, medicines, home goods—such as candles—and other essential items.

Now that you’re more familiar with the honeybee’s prominence in our world, consider getting into beekeeping. The B Farm offers honeybee nucs for sale, as well as live queens. Honeybees are currently in danger due to climate change, habitat loss, parasites, and pesticides, but you can take part in keeping colonies alive.

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