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6 Ways To Increase Habitats for Honeybees

Honeybees are the busiest pollinators in the world. They pollinate several different crops in the US and play vital roles in our ecosystem. Unfortunately, their population is diminishing due to increased pesticide use, parasites, and habitat loss. Humans benefit greatly from the honeybee population, and our food supply may depend on more of us utilizing ways to increase habitats for honeybees.

Grow Wild

Create a bee-friendly area in your yard. Bees love wildflowers, grass, and weeds, so don’t mow this section. Instead, cultivate a landscape with many shapes, colors, and bloom times to attract honeybees to your property.

Make a Bee Pond

Although bees are unable to swim or get their wings wet, they still need a water source. You can make a simple bee pond by filling a shallow dish with pebbles and water so that bees have somewhere to land and drink some water while staying dry.

Ditch Toxic Pesticides

Many of the pesticides people use to protect their plants are incredibly harmful to honeybees and other pollinators. Instead of using chemical-based products, utilize white vinegar or cayenne pepper to protect your plants from other insects.

Plant Trees

Bees get lots of nectar from trees, and trees also make great shelters. You can boost bee habitats by planting and caring for trees on your property, since deforestation is increasing worldwide.

Purchase a Bee Nuc

Consider taking up beekeeping if you’re feeling especially passionate about helping the honeybee population. The B Farm offers a wide range of honeybee nucs for sale in Jennings, LA, for southern beekeepers of any experience level.

Support Local Beekeepers

Local beekeepers work hard to care for their bees, and many of them create lotions, beeswax candles, and soaps using their honey and beeswax. The best way to support beekeepers is to purchase their products. Local honey is delicious, and consuming it can also help with seasonal allergies because it comes from local flora.

Although beekeeping may not be your cup of tea, you can integrate these easy ways to increase habitats for honeybees into your everyday life to do your part to save the bees. Feel free to contact our team at The B Farm if you have an increasing curiosity for beekeeping.

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